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Mixing & recording engineer



A good mix can only be reached with a strong balance between all tracks and instruments. The little details will attract your audience... over and over again!


Recording is exciting! Musicians draw a lot of energy from the process. The best musical ideas originate in the studio, due to the very focussed environment that's created. This is helped by the engineer that takes "technical duties" away from you.Resulting in a great recording, that 'll mix itself later in the proces.


Did you record DI tracks on your own pace and are you ready to level up your recorded guitar sound? Choose the reamping service. You can choose between real tube amps or kemper profiles.


Do you prefer to outsource this accurate task, or are you in need of an extra pair of hands to meet deadlines? Preparing mix ready tracks is what I do.


Have a fresh set of ears evaluate your music to guarantee a succesfull single or album. We'll work through each track, try out new things and even work out the differences between the live performance and the recording process.

Homerecording coaching

Musicians increasingly record their own music. Purchasing "gear" is the smallest hurdle that you have to take. Proper recording and mixing requires knowledge, experience and the need for honest feedback. Enter the “Homerecording Coach”.


Would you like some more impact?

Hardcore, Metal, Punk, Stoner or just solid rock? Jeddraudio understands your art.
It is not kettle music, not an orchestra, nor a youthful whim ... Your music is your lifestyle and you want to bring it out at its best. It has to pop, burst with emotion, and after listening to it you have to feel like more!
I myself am a musician with a past as guitarist, bassist, singer and drummer in old school hardcore, metal, sludge and punk bands. I know better than anyone what happens when your mixing engineer simply does not understand your brainchild. Or how recording and mixing an album in one weekend is not always the best solution. We work in a process tailored to the purpose and your budget to reach hard, tight, impactful, emotional and better music. Do you want a recording and a mix, or rather just a mix of homemade recordings? Or constructive feedback from the sidelines? We go for a beast of an end product!

  • Hardcore

    Beatdown, old school, metalcore, post, pizzamaker, windmill, kickback... Been there, doing that!

  • Metal

    Melodic, grind, math, death, harmonies, headbanging, moshing... Raise them horns!

  • Punk

    Punkrock, underground, politics, positivism... Sing-along!

  • Rock

    Four to the flour, hard rock, roaring guitars, beating drums... It's a lifestyle!


Pricing is straightforward.
Contact me for custom project rates, tailored to your desired approach and budget.
Mix - Single


  • Full day (8h)
  • Normal editing and mix preparation
  • 1 revision
  • Additional revisions: €35/revision
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MIX - Album

Starting from 5 songs


  • Pricing includes 5 songs
  • Normal editing and mix preparation
  • 1 revision
  • Additional revisions: €25/revision/song
  • Additional songs from €80
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  • A full day of recording (8h)
  • Session preparation and breakdown on the same day
  • Per day, the mix of 1 song included (1 revision)
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Kemper profiles


  • 2 versions delivered
  • Project pricing per album possible
  • Effects included, if desired
  • 10% reduction on the eventual song mix
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Tube amps


  • Orange TH30
  • Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
  • VHT Pitbull
  • Marshall JCM900
  • EVH 6505
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  • Timing corrections
  • Drum replacement
  • Fades & Crossfades
  • Remove clicks & pops
  • Vocal tuning (requires upfront validation of the performance)
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(1/2 day)
  • Including basic recordings
  • Raw mix, no editing
  • Royalty free
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Homerec. coaching

Tailored to your needs


  • Recording tips
  • Feedback on quality of recordings
  • Mix feedback
  • Software & template help
  • ...
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Alex Dierickx
Alex Dierickx
Alex made his first modest studio steps around 2005. After many years of self-study and moderation of the forum, he followed a 2-year course from the US where he worked with tracks from top metal, hardcore, punk and rock artists.

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