21 April 2019

Test mix

Working together on a mix of your music is based on trust. To give confidence an extra boost, it is possible to request a non-binding test mix in advance.

The rules are:

  • 1 song per album
  • The test mix may not be used publicly
  • The mixing session cannot be attended
  • One or more watermarks can be added to the supplied test mix
  • The effective allocation of the project or notification of allocation to another party must be made at the latest 14 days after delivery of the test mix
  • No revisions, but feedback is always appreciated
At this email you will receive the necessary instructions on how to upload the tracks online.
Make sure to mention:
- Artist name,
- song name,
- discription of the genre,
- detailed overview of the instruments used,
- number of tracks in the song,
- length of the song,
- effects you want to be used,...
At least one reference to an artist and mix you like is needed to reach optimal results.
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